Baby Beast: fit log April 2016

December 7th, 2015 is when this all started for me. That’s the day I decided to physically remake myself. The day I decided to become as strong on the outside as I feel on the inside. The day I decided to look like a Titan. The day I decided to start carving out the physique of a Gladiator. The day I decided to become the best version of me that I’ve ever been. That day was five months ago. 

Am I as strong on the outside as I am on the inside? No, but I probably never will be. It’s much more difficult to have a strong soul. Do I look like a Titan? Not quite yet but thanks to those endorphins I definitley feel like one. Do I have the physique of a Gladiator? At this point I am a baby beast, and as of today I am the strongest that I have ever been. Hard work pays off and it is absolutely worth the grind. It is always entirely possible to be a better version of your former self. Even if you’re not the best, don’t give up, you will get there. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

How things were: March 2016

Goals for April:

    Get serious about meal prepping (would like to gain about 10 pounds.)

    Work on core strength, figure out how to deadlift despite my lack of balance.

    Ab definition by April 30th


Since April I have eliminated fast food completely from my diet, excess sugar, and preservatives.
Being super thin with a fast metabolism always allowed me to get away with eating junk but that doesn’t mean living like that is good for me. It trashes my system on the inside and always leaves me tired and bloated. I haven’t felt that way in about a month.
Eating clean isn’t hard in the way I thought it would be, I don’t crave things too often and when I do I just end it by thinking; do I want to feel good for a little while or look good for a long time? Mostly though, I believe my body was more than happy that I got rid of the crap.

Last month I set a goal to gain some healthy weight so I have more muscle potential. So far so great! The challenge with eating clean is that the right foods are less filing, coupled with the demand of my strength training, I find myself eating around the clock. Not too different than before, except now I’m doing it right. Also, it’s very difficult to get every necessary element into my meal plan so I put just about everything I can into smoothies. It works out quite well!


This is still a goal to be reached. I can do a lot but having mild Cerebral Palsy limits me with some things in the gym.

3) ABS

Shooting for this.

Almost have this.

Monthly highlights:

    4/7/16: 4 month anniversary!! Killer squats and deep lunges!

    4/8/16: late night workout because of fitness posts (2)-killed it! New muscle groups.

    4/13-4/14/16: missed workouts for lack of a priority. Eating improved – no fast food!

    4/15/16: up to 80 squats!

    4/16-4/17/16: no workouts, stop being a DNB. 

    4/18/16: 101 squats! 30 day butt challenge conquered! 

    4/20/16: killed upper body workout! Did some new back work (flies, harder resistance bands 4 sets of 25.) Increased weight and/or reps!

    4/21/16: really cleaned up my eating! No pop, no preservatives, no fast food all month! Smoothies added to fit super foods and healthy fats.

    4/27/16: Glutes, 100 reps every other day for 3 butt exercises (bridges, squats, and lunges.) 15lbs curls and hammers!

Moment of the month: lifting heavier than ever!

Probably my favorite muscle to work.

When you finally reach the point where you can do more than 50 squats in a row, you kind of have to.

What I love most about fitness is the fact that it’s a competition between me, myself and no one else. What I also love are the little victories. The unexpected moments where I notice my quality time in the gym is actually paying off. When I am sitting in the waiting room and I notice I can lift myself up with my quad strength alone. Or when I’m standing in the shower and I can now see my calf muscles. They’re little I know, undetectable to lots of people and maybe don’t even matter to most, but those are just some things that make me proud of me; and when it comes to commitment and dedication-every victory counts.

In April I earned better abs, pushed myself further, lifted heavier than ever, and worked my ass of to get the best looking one I’ve ever had! I cannot wait to see what the month of May brings! 

It’s torture and I love it.

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