My conclusion to life is this; I know nothing. I am 100% certain that I am
completely sure, of not a single thing. Can anyone else in there twenties back
me up here? The awkward stage of legally being an unstable adult is more
dumbfounding than Miley Cyrus’ behavior. That song 22 hit a bulls-eye saying
“we’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.” Just for a second
though, I have to ask, what does Taylor Swift honestly know about that age? What
does she know about being Twenty-two? It’s not like her experience was an
average experience. At nineteen she had what most people in there thirties have
yet to acquire. By twenty-two Swift had all that society tells you to strive
for, in abundance. Here’s what I know about twenty-two, nothing, I’m not there
yet. I still have a lot too master about being twenty-one.

Although, I’m mostly confused and usually restless, I do have a few solid
points. I have a few things nailed down that I know are worth it. I may not be
able to fully explain the things I feel are concrete in life such as faith,
love, and family but I know that those things matter beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Something I find useful when floating in the abyss of disorientation that is
currently my life is to go back to what I do know. Go back to the certainty you
do have. There’s bits of truth in us all, I swear, it just might take some
digging to get there.

It’s important to remember who you were, before you were told who to be. To do
this, I think it’s helpful to go back to the beginning. What did you love to do
when you were young? Like really young, unaware of responsibilities, and
finances and societal ceilings young, go back to that age. Who were you when it
was just you? It might help you find your passion, or become passionate all over
again. I’m not saying this is the answer to figuring life out. I’m hesitant to
say that there is even a solid answer for that. I am saying this will help add
love to the life you have.

So if you are not that young and not that old, feeling uncertain about certain
decisions quite often like me, retracing your steps will help. If you’re unsure,
why not do what you love until you’re sure? If you don’t know what to try, maybe
try it all until you know what you should try. Becoming an adult is kind of like
ignorance is bliss, nothing is set in stone so what’ve you got to lose? Feel the
fear and do it anyway is what I’m working on with myself. Keep in mind, there is
a significant difference between being carefree and careless. It’s good to plan
but don’t leave out what matters, moments matter. At the end of it all that’s
what we have, not the external gains or the titles. Hearts don’t keep those,
hearts keep moments. Moments are something I am learning to embrace they are
simple and meaningful, even when they hurt. Going moment by moment isn’t so bad,
even for the crazies like me who feel like they’re living upside down. Enjoy the
moments they are all we have.

Live, love, laugh

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