Keep it moving;

I think sometimes the very best thing we can do period, is not give up. Meaning, whatever we do or do not do we just have to keep hope alive. That’s it. Sometimes that is our greatest try. Just. Keep. Hoping. 

There are these quotes on Pinterest that I call sharpie quotes because of how they’re written. I made my own board of sharpie quotes, one in particular resonates deeply with me it says; “a single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing.” I love that truth and I wanted to write something about not giving up because that’s exactly my personal feeling lately. So whether or not the readers of WordPress receive anything from this, honestly, this one is for me.

Sitting here on a Monday with an okay book by a fantastic writer and a great cup of coffee (pictured above) Joyce Meyer is preaching in the background. She’s talking about Joseph a man of the bible who went from slavery, to prison, to Vice President of the entire world. Joyce said we like to talk about having a dream and working towards something because we’re goal oriented people. We like to muse about the rewards of our dreams, but there’s rarely talk about what it takes to get there. There’s rarely talk about the middle. That’s because it’s awful and no one likes it. Well, at least no one like me. You see, there was a lot of years between Joseph’s jail time and his kingship but he never would have rose to power if not for a whole lot of meantime. It’s not what we want to hear, I know, I’d much rather prefer an abc solution too but there’s 23 more letters in the alphabet.

Truth is, the meantime is often a mean time but you know what? We all go through it and it’s always important, and we usually can’t see why it’s important while it’s happening so it’s a total act of trust. Trust that if put in God will result in much needed faith. So if life hurts so much that it feels like a medieval punishment just know that it will not last forever. If all you’ve got is a single thread of hope, that is more than enough. Knowing that God is good like it says in Romans 8:28 is what will keep you from trying to hang yourself with that thread.

Joyce said in her message called quitting is not an option; “when you’ve got a big vision you’re not excited about little.” This is true I do, and I am not. I want to do so much more than wear black on black like Johnny Cash, read Hemingway and drink the writer fuel that is coffee, but really that’s all I can do for the moment. All I can do is stay anchored and hold fast to hope. I’m not going to give up on my dreams of renowned authorship and marriage because that wouldn’t help anything. I’d just end up starting over anyway because when you really want something it’ll never leave you, the desires in your heart never fade and God surely knows them. So I’ll just lock myself up like it says in Zechariah 9:12. I may argue, I may cry, I may fight, I may pace restlessly like a caged tiger; I may shout until I cannot breathe but I will do it all in my prison cell of hope. I have locked me up in the promises of Christ and I have thrown away the key. 

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