Baby Beast: fit log June 2016

7 months as of June 7th 2016!

I honestly did not think I would be celebrating this fitness anniversary. Reason being, this past month has been the hardest of them all. Lifting has been kicking my butt hard. I’ve been so sore and so exhausted. Strength training has been been a challenge since day one because I’m always pushing myself, but now I’m on a brand new level, one I never thought I would reach and it is killer.

Listen to your body

The harder I train the more this rings true. I’m all about pushing myself, doing ten more reps to make it an even hundred and what not, but pacing myself is equally, if not more important. Although I may feel like it after hitting a new PR, I’m not invincible. No one is, and that’s okay.

Rest is for the wise

Some days are about throwing in an extra set and some are about intentionally taking it easy and eventually passing out on the couch for twelve hours, shoes and all, before you can even find out the winners of the 2015 Crossfit Games.

I really appreciate those who have been acknowledging and asking about my gains. In this phase, the toughest one yet, it keeps me motivated! Just like in life, fitness is about finding the balance, and the scales are always shifting.

The first 3 months were about making the gym a habit and getting into a solid routine. The next couple were about adjusting my diet and gaining strength. This last one has been about pushing myself to the max. 

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Nike, neon, and tattoos.
Personal notes:

    1st: biceps 15lbs, shoulders 8 and/or 10lbs
    4th: push-ups 4 sets 25 reps (10 regular.) Increased chest press weight!
    12th: back, max weight, low reps. Killer improvement on glutes! 
    14th-19th: no workouts. Adjust schedule to the a.m.?
    20th: set a PR of 120! 30 reps 4 sets. 120 squats, 120 lunges, and 120 bridges!!

Looking back on it, a whole lot of good came out of this past month. That’s why it’s so important to keep a personal record of your progress. Every victory counts. Especially the little ones. That’s why I post my progress, to remind myself of how far I’ve come and inspire others to do the same. I don’t always see the gains I want to see, at least not as fast as I would like to see them but that doesn’t mean I’m not making them. It took about two weeks for me to not be completely wiped out from working with my maximum weight. I was so beat up that I didn’t think I was going to live to see another me, myself, and I anniversary. Month to month is one thing but if you really need a boost look at where you first started. Going back to my first month gets me so happy because I see proof right in front of me that I’ve come a long way. The goals I had back then are now what to I use to warm up!

On the days when I’m all but entirely sure training is going to kill me, I just think hey, at least I’ll look great in my casket.-Genevieve Rose

Do whatever you have to do to push through. The mind always gives up before the body does. How crazy it would’ve been for me to quit, that’s not even something I believe in, I agree with Johnny Cash when it comes to that. I consider myself a prisoner of hope. I’ve dedicated so much time and so much energy to this. To making myself a better me. To literally becoming something of a Spartan. It’s not easy for anyone, but everyone can do it.

Goals I’ve reached:

  • hit all my hopes from May 2016
  • I’m lifting heavier than I ever even imagined I would. 
  • my quads are a force to be reckoned with.
  • my balance has improved so much just from getting stronger. For a woman with mild Cerebral Palsy that’s a pretty big deal!

Gains I’ll make:

  • switch lifting schedule to four days on two days off.
  • keep working with maximum weight, minimum reps
  • eat even cleaner than I do now, incorporate eating plan for abs.
  • keep working on flexibility
  • possibly incorporate CrossFit routines.

I’m solid now, I feel strong now, and I’m almost always sore, but it is totally worth it. I’ll keep going. I’ve come too far to quit. 

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