Michael: Part II

A hero is someone who gives their life to something bigger than themselves.-Joseph Campbell

It’s terrifying the amount of information we accept at face value as fact. As a writer, I know two things for certain; there are at least two sides to every story and everything is edited. There is so much more beneath the surface, yet we tend to buy the bylines and fail to do the research. It’s important to research the facts because far too often they are fiction. From Jesus Christ to pop culture, it’s imperative to know what is real. Jesus said, “the truth will set you free” but it is only the truth that we know that gives us freedom, not the truth we remain oblivious to.

June 13th, 2005 marks the date that the world’s greatest entertainer was entirely acquitted from every single charge brought against him. As I do not wish to further fuel the absurd abhorrence that still somehow manages to cling to the shadow of dead man, I will not be addressing the details of those charges personally in this post of victory. However, as someone who came late to the party of moonwalker fandom, I wanted to be sure of the morality inside the man who I now consider to be my greatest inspiration. The heart and soul of anyone I admire, renowned or anonymous, are what I value most. I simply cannot support what I do not respect. I did my research. I study Michael behind the scenes as often as possible because no matter how mystifying the magic, the truth remains paramount within my heart. He passed the test and when he was thrown into the lion’s den of a trial, he emerged victorious and today, over a decade later, we drink in the victory.

Along with the King of Pop, I also have a newfound love for podcasts. I am a posthumous fan, read how it all began in Michael: Part I. For those who enjoy learning as much as possible about whatever lights their fire, for the Moonwalkers who love Michael for more than his music, the fans that want to know how the ‘Man in the Mirror’ really looked; Pirates in Neverland published on Victory Day 2017 (a title I’m in love with by the way) delivers an engaging and comprehensive narrative of what went on in the court cases of 1993 and 2005. In his kindness and meekness, which is the opposite of weakness, the reflection of a hero is undeniable.

With heroics comes sacrifice. Giving for the greater good, even if that means giving everything. Giving was the entirety of Michael Jackson’s existence. His time, his talent, his heart and his money, he gave it all. He loved his fans. He loved the planet. He loved people. He was love. Love is a sacrifice that says ‘you before me’ and that is what Michael Jackson spent his whole his life doing. Aphrodite Jones, a repeated bestselling crime author and former reporter on the prosecution side of the 2005 trial wrote a book, which remains her most recent work entitled; Michael Jackson Conspiracy chronicling the happenings inside the courtroom. What was said on the stand verses what the press revealed to the public is warped to a staggering degree, so staggering that it caused Jones to form a complete 180 on her opinion after the trial. Despite being a fan of his music, she was certain of his guilt and then the jury declared him innocent. It wasn’t long before she knew they were right and she was wrong. Imagine that, a viper ready to devour innocent prey, detracting its fangs because truth is more potent than poison. Her book was re-released today in honor of the vindication celebration and now features added prose and color photographs that the courts threw out after Michael was acquitted. Listen to the reporter turned author discuss the truth on the latest episode of the MJ Cast. The saddest thing I heard Jones say in her discussion about those days in court was the way Michael looked in the car when he arrived. His security had gotten out before him. The fans were shouting their support and the photogs were prepared to snatch a money shot. Jones said the loneliness on Michael’s face was like nothing she had ever seen. It froze the moment. That level of loneliness stopped time. One would think a man facing such disgusting charges would look indignant or perhaps afraid but not lonely. Especially a man who had thousands of fans screaming their love as loud as they could from beyond the barricade. Not many people can say they had such powerful, palpable support when walking up the court steps and yet, it was as if the car were soundproof and he just couldn’t hear the love. It’s particularly sad because what the reporter saw was a visual of what the singer had written in his autobiography. “I consider myself to be the loneliest man in the world.” (Jackson, Moonwalk, 1988).

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. It is lonely at the top. As he sang, it is the ‘Price of Fame.’ Michael sacrificed it all because all he was, was love. That is what love does, gives it all, every time. It is an honor to celebrate in abundant and absolute gratitude on the anniversary that he was set free. Happy Victory Day.

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