Don’t worry about the writer

A little something to know about writers, I’m sure this won’t apply to all but I’m certain it will apply to most.

Whenever you read something that is so deep and so painful it actually makes you tear up a little bit or you feel suddenly a bit tighter in the chest, when you catch yourself smiling at words on a page; whenever you read something that evokes an emotional response out of you chances are, the writer who wrote that is fine. If you’re reading something horrible about death or a relationship, or the death of a relationship and you’re finding it hard to not break down, the writer has done their job. We write horrible things because we’ve been through horrible things and now we’re okay. We are okay now and we write them now because you may not be okay and now, our words, might help. When you read a painful piece of prose that perfectly illustrates every sense don’t worry, we are not in pain, not anymore. We went through it and we got through it and now we write about it. The writer is okay, scarred but standing like a gladiator with a hell of a story to tell. The writer does the writing so that you will be okay too.

We are okay now and we write them now because you may not be okay and now, our words, might help.-Genevieve Rose

This is why we do it and again I’m not speaking for everyone, just the writers I know. We absorb everything, think it through endlessly, suffer through insomnia or maybe develop PTSD, we wake up in anger or ecstasy, fighting nightmares to get to our dreams, all for you. We know it hurts. We know it’s amazing. We know the extremes of life and we spend ours writing it all down for you to read. Don’t worry about the writers, maybe we’re not crazy, maybe it’s been you all along.

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