Baby Beast: fit log December 2015

“I hate saying ‘I like exercise’ I want to punch people who say that in the face…” Although, most things Jennifer Lawrence entertain me she and I share very different outlooks on physical fitness. Since I truly do enjoy working out I suppose I’d be one of the ones she would punch in the face and quite honestly, I’d be okay with that. By the way there’s more to that JLaw quote found on IMDB, she is an actress but she’s not that dramatic.

This post falls into the category of journal entry rather than reading material for WordPress webers but of course anyone is more than welcome to track their fitness goals along with me. Late last year I felt the desperate need for a change. I needed an outlet. I was experiencing more stress than normal and I needed a constructive method of release. I am a writer and thankfully I will always have writing but seeking a publisher for my first novel while drafting my second wasn’t enough of a distraction, or it wasn’t the right kind. Hemingway’s quote; “write drunk, edit sober” is difficult when taken literally and stress combined with booze is a slippery slope. Not wanting to end up like my literary predecessors having fame that is posthumous as a result of a lifetime of being lit, I set down the crystal glass and went on another sober streak. It was shortly after my renewed resolve to not allow any substance to have any control over my mind that I realized it was important for me to replace my bad behavior with something good. I don’t do well when there is a void-you know what they say about idle minds.

I’ve always wanted to be really fit. As in muscle defined, noticeably strong. I’m thin, I always have been but I’ve always wanted to kick it up a notch. So I thought why not right now? Before the holidays, before everyone gears up with a resolution to eat better and look better why not dig my heels in right where I’m at? So I did. I made a decision. I decided to commit right then and there to becoming a badass.

Below are the personal notes l wrote on the back of last month’s work out calander. For me, detailed records as I progress are what helps me reach my goal of being a full-time fit female as fast and ferociously as possible.

Day One: December 7th 2015

Motive: stress and anxiety

Cons: rapid weight loss, trained too hard (6 days/week) low weight/high reps, overworked oblique muscles resulting in back pain, too much cardio.

Pros: Solid muscle (quads) improved balance, better moods, less depressed.

Improve: no more cardio or walking, diet: nothing processed, more vegetables. Include vitamins and/or supplements? Must have better sleep schedule.

Next month: No more than 4 days/week. High weight, low reps.

Exceeded goal: worked out at least 3 times a week. Awesome way to end 2015!

~Baby beast now, sexy beast by March 2016~

It’s been a little more than a month since I’ve been transforming my body into a lethal weapon. I do everything from my apartment, which consists of dumbbells, a yoga mat, punching bag, and chest press. I figure if I can commit to what I have at my disposal for at least three months, which is more than enough for a solid in-home fitness regimen then I will consider spending money on a gym membership. My past record for working out was no more than three weeks. As of 2016 that’s been shattered-every victory counts. Especially the little ones.

It was rough at first and it took about a week before I wanted to get up lift and stretch etc. then the endorphins kicked in and I really started to feel great. I’m already skinny so I decided to eliminate cardio and not lift nearly every day. A day of rest is probably the hardest thing for me but it is necessary. I’m still working on my diet, I think it’s best to eat clean and not go on a diet at all because the diet will eventually end. For me, it’s a struggle to keep my weight and it’s a fight to gain any so I really have to pack the protein. It’s a learn-as -you go-deal but I’m enjoying it. It’s about progress not perfection. Since it’s cold and all my fellow Midwesterners feel like hibernating I’ll end with this, summer bodies are made in the winter.

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