Baby Beast: fit log October and November 2016

October updates: 

  • 16th: have been lifting for a week, feel like crap. 
  • 3 consecutive days without lifting means less energy, 
  • 5-7 means strength reduction, balance decline, and dependency on caffeine.
  • upside is, now I know how my body works.
  • 18th: did 30 minutes of cardio to sweat it out, also bicep curls.

November updates: 

  • 7th: 11 months of strength training!
  • 13th-14th: rest.
  • 22nd: bis/tris, and and glutes.
  • Exercises for arms: curls (regular, other, static, and hammer, dips, and two others I don’t know the names of. 
  • Glutes: squats, bridges, lunges. Sets/reps vary (30-60r)

Life motto.
Even the best fall down sometimes.

October and November were not my favorite months as far as fitness goes. October began steady as usual but then work threw me into a new routine and I struggled for weeks to get back in balance. It says in the October notes what happens to me when I’m not being the gym rat I should be. It wasn’t until I had a bad fall at work that I realized my workouts had to return to top priority. I fell off a ledge and landed upside down. The accident was no one’s fault but my own and it would not have happened if my quads were as strong as the normally are because then I would’ve caught my balance before I was staring up at my feet. So yes, there are definitely unfortunate side effects I notice that start to happen if I miss three or more workouts, but these two months were not solely terrible. The silver lining is that even when I don’t lift for weeks it doesn’t set me back as far as how much weight I can handle in the gym, and now I know the sequence of events that occur when I’m being a slacker. The moral of this short and bittersweet Baby Beast update is when the going gets rough, keep going.

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