Hallelujah Please

The repetitious splatter of every destructive matter implodes on impact. Listen closely to hear the whistle of the bombs rushing to their target.
Bomb city. Splatter ready. Explosion heavy.
Death falls like those helicopter
blades that twirl to the ground from tree branches.
To the left is something before the earth-rocking crash, a string. Unbelievable.
on strings.
Who then, is the puppeteer of this malicious mastery?
Sometimes the war is not the fight
outdoors, but all the hell
within ourselves.
Does that mean we are all doomed,
dark, and forsaken?
Yes but only without
His grace.
We are where
the battle takes place
and it is meant to be
a beautiful fight.
Though sometimes the war keeps us
up and night.
We hurt from wounds, old and new.
Weights and sins. They’re different.
There are weights and there are sins.
There is bondage and there is freedom.
Every sin nailed to a tree yet
both the brave and the free can be
carrying something heavy.
On our backs. Across our shoulders.
our calves. Unable to move our ankles, one more step
All through our hearts and souls.
Dear Lord, this weight, it takes a toll,
and it makes us old.
Sins defeated. Weight persistent.
Oh my God,
my God my God.
He set us free indeed so
hallelujah please.
Let freedom ring.

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