Broken hearts still Beat

Did you ever ask yourself the question; “is there anything I’ve gone through that I have not survived?” The obvious answer is no, otherwise you would not be reading this having the realization that you are a survivor. Hearts are resilient. We know this because they brake over and over again. It’s not just once, over one person, or one situation. Hearts break seems to be stuck on replay.

I think it’s wonderful that hearts are durable, that they are built to endure since life and all its madness cracks them quite often. Did you ever ask this question though, why do hearts have to break? Why do they have to be so resilient? Constantly bouncing back from the worst, yet still beating?

Heartbreak has a connotation that is undoubtedly negative and sorrowful but the silver lining is the survivor that surfaces on the other side of suffering. Heartbreak is not solely a bad thing, it may not be a bad thing at all,

Heartbreaks humble us, and teach us, they keep us human, I’d venture to say heartbreak is more valuable than happiness. It teaches who we really are, and who we could be. Hearts don’t just break in bad ways, there’s good ways too. Think about what bothers you in this broken world. What piece of injustice irks you to the point of wanting to do something to change it? What do you see that hurts you?

When a heart breaks over homelessness or sex trafficking, that’s wonderful, that’s wonderful because broken hearts get things done. Pain needs an outlet and an aching heart is a powerful creator. So many organizations and causes and revolutions were sparked by someone out there with a broken heart. I’m not saying change the world but I am saying it’s possible. I am saying don’t be a heartbreak hater, let it make you even better than you were before and celebrate the fact that no matter what, you are a survivor.

Live, love, laugh

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