Baby Beast: fit log March 2016

Third month of strength training! March 7th to be exact. My lifting routine is still 3 on 1 off, same muscle groups as February too. 

Other than weights, here’s what I’ve been doing for about 90 days: 


This routine I don’t do everyday, when it’s rest day, I rest, I’ve learned to appreciate it.


This was doable for me until I hit around two minutes and then I had to decide If I was going to plank everyday, or just the days I do abs. My personal best is still 3 minutes and 30 seconds.


This routine is rough but I’m getting less winded, I’ll stick with it until it’s so easy I just use it as my warm up. Washboard is the goal for end of April it’ll happen if I feed them right in the kitchen. 

Accomplishment of the month:

  • March 22nd: did 6 pull-ups! Never was able to do one before, never thought I could, and then I did. 

Goals for April: 

  1. Get serious about meal prepping (would like to gain about 10 pounds.)
  2. Work on core strength, figure out how to deadlift despite my lack of balance.
  3. Ab definition by April 30th 

There’s so much out there as far as fitness and inspiration goes, it’s impossible to listen to all of it so I chose just a few to look to as the fitspo for my future figure. My main one is the bona fide badass Krissy Mae Cagney. 

“Have hobbies outside of lifting and fitness. Learn new things. Read a lot of books. Talk to strangers. Be outside often. Explore the world. Build relationships with great people. Don’t let your raw total, your BF%, or placement in the CF open define anything about you as a human being.”-Krissy Mae Cagney

I love that she’s much more than a gym rat, her story inspires me as much as her physique. Part of me feels like I would have a better chance getting accepted into ivy league than ever resembling her but I figure, if I shoot for the stars I just might land on the clouds.


“There are moments like this
when I am reduced to
a massive pile of throbbing flesh, propped up by a wall, that I ask myself “why?”
Why do this?
I can feel the marrow
oozing out of my bones at times
and still, I plod on.
I suppose I could stop.
I could pull back, and yet
something internal drives me forward
in such a way that I find myself being seduced by the idea
of working so hard that
I end up like this.
On the floor,
leaning against the wall,
asking myself the question
all over again.”-Amy Pistol

By the end of April, I hope to fully know this incredible agony.

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