Bring Your Gift

Birthday’s are great I absolutely love them to an unhealthy degree. If it is your birthday and you are close to me it is physically hard for me not to make a big deal out of it. I get more excited over someone’s birthday than the person who is actually having the birthday. I don’t even want to get into how crazy I am about mine, I have expectations higher than Everest which I’m fairly certain is not a good thing. No matter who you are you will inevitably earn brownie points with me if you take the time to be with me on my birthday. I don’t know if it’s because quality time is my love language or what but if you’re there just being with me because you want too, never mind the gifts, I kind of fall in love a little bit.

Birthdays are about celebrating a person. Getting together in honor of someone. We bring gifts, like letters we’ve written or perfume that’s their favorite. We bring a present to someone on their birthday to show we appreciate their presence. Now imagine it being your birthday and so many people show up, dozens more than the core group of five you wanted there and they are ready to celebrate. The place is decorated and there’s plenty of food to go around. All the guests are dressed up, smiling, carrying in gifts that they’ve wrapped neatly and even tied with a bow. What an amazing day it’s going to be with all these people here because of you. It’s exciting to take it all in as you make your way inside with a fast paced heart eager to see everyone. Only, when you’re standing there in the doorway of the beautifully lit place that’s filled with laughter, no one greets you. Everyone is talking amongst themselves and hugging one another. No one is even looking at you and the presents are being given away. Other people are opening gifts on your birthday. No one seems to care about you.

That sinking feeling of un-appreciation is what I imagine Jesus feels on Christmas. It’s the day we celebrate His birth but we treat it as if it’s a bonus birthday for us. I say we right that wrong and get a cake for the King of Kings or sing happy birthday, just do something to acknowledge the One responsible for the holiday.

Since Christmas is when we bring gifts it makes me think about the gifts that people posses in themselves. How our presence could be somebody else’s present. This rugged world could be so much sweeter if we’d just use our gift for the good of others. If we didn’t compare and just embraced our own strengths. What if we used our strong points to help others where they’re weak? If you’re good athletic like my brother who’s great at BMX, that’s something that could inspire others to be active. If you’re the master of a trade why not donate your time when you know it would make somebody’s day? Every single soul has talent and skill, whatever that may be is God’s gift to you, and what you do with it is your gift back to God. When you do what you do, do it in the name of loving one another because that is the best gift there is.

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