Ink Runs Deep

There’s much I ache to write about lately, Hell and trauma are a few topics I’ll be extrapolating soon. I’ve been overly focused on NaNoWriMo this month so I’ve neglected WordPress. Be assured interesting reads are ahead everyone! In fact, the entertainment starts now….

Let’s discuss one of my favorites! Something I hold deep within me. Well, not too deep, this isn’t one of my search your soul articles (but those are coming soon) I’m referring to something closer to the surface, the skin, the dermis to be exact. Tattoos of course! It’s been months since I’ve added to my own collection, thankfully friends of mine have plenty of ink ideas. For me, the next best thing to getting tattooed is going with someone who’s getting tattooed. All of the fun, none of the pain, I get to keep my money and provide pleasant company-everybody wins!

Currently I get tattooed at Wasted Youth Tattoo in Romeoville by Curtis Coyazo, a super chill dude who has a look that reminds me of Jesus if Jesus were heavily into rock n roll. I recommend them every chance I get and it was a friend of mine who took me up on the recommendation. She made an appointment with Curtis to get not one but three tattoos. A two-part typewriter script just below the each elbow pit and a triangle on the back of her neck. I can describe them for days, especially because descriptive writing is some of my favorite to do, but why not just show you?

  They turned out great!

As a writer I think it was the right move to get meaningful words written as if they were stamped with a typewriter. Also, I like the meaning of her triangle. No she didn’t get it because Jared Leto has two of the same, though that’s not a negative. The singer and I have the same birthday, just thought I’d mention, might help people remember mine. After looking through the photos from today I felt inspired to write a little tattoo tale, so come with if you please, to read even deeper than the dermis this ink of hers now rests in.
In the beginning a tattoo starts like this, actually it starts with an idea or an epiphany or a reckless moment but when it comes to creating, the physical process is a sketch and then a stencil. It begins in the blue, a guideline for what will soon forever be as close to someone as possible. In the blue stage nothing is permanent yet. Alterations can easily be made, things could and should be checked and then rechecked.

It’s tricky sometimes to know if you’ll get it right. To know exactly how this choice will play out and who will be affected and to what degree. Choices are little things that add up to big things. We make commitments everyday. It can be a lot of pressure. That’s why it’s good to have others weigh in. People of sound mind and moral value, people who know what they’re dealing with. The stages of tattooing is much like all our life decisions. First there’s a provocation, a spark and/or an inspiration, then we rough draft. Is how the ink looks in blue the way it should be in black? Once it gets there, there’s no going back. Check and recheck. Lay it out, see it from various angles, examine in a mirror using different postures not just the awkward pose you’ll hold while the needle pokes. It’s always best to have multiple eyes, more than one POV, my friend had me and the artist. With some tweaks to get the positioning perfect those words ended up in the right place. Wipe away and then redo if necessary. No shame in that at all. Then, once things are lined up as best as they can be, go for it!
  “I was lost now I’m found” The lyrics of Amazing Grace. 

I’m young and I haven’t literally been to extraordinary depths or miraculous heights but I have experienced a great deal in my short life and in my heart of hearts I know there is no finer thing in all of time than the grace of God. **Insert any number of salvation related bible verses here.** What’s awesome is that these tattoos are the gospel itself. Each of us were lost and all of us can be found. The twisted part is that our status on social media tends to take precedence over the status of our souls. 

The above photos were taken at different times during the session. I pictured Aubrey’s “I was lost” in blue beside the final version in black “now I’m found” because being lost is not a permanent state and salvation in Christ is a promise that never breaks. In the eyes of God what you’ve done, who you’ve been, what you said does not ever outweigh the fact that The Lord our God unceasingly calls us home. Heaven is real and so is Hell, only one of those places was designed for us to enter and it is not the latter. There is grace for all who wish to receive. Just ask, open your heart and ask. Be honest. Be real. Be open. Bow and pray. Jesus will be happy to hear from you, whether it be a confession like the prodigal son or a good Christian seeking to be saved yet again. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.-Romans 3:23-24

It’s crazy what’s in the very next verse sometimes. I always knew the first part but now I find what’s beyond that comma very uplifting. To know it doesn’t end at falling short. God will leave us as blue ink until we are ready to be made permanent in His glory.
The meaning of this triangle is to explore and I believe exploration is vital to who we become. It makes me think of the quote “just because you found God doesn’t mean you should stop seeking Him.” If you know who said it please comment below.
Congrats to Aubrey-read her words here! Thanks for letting me be your hand to hold, sorry I’m as cold as a vampire. Even so, happy to do it anytime. Shout out to the artist Curtis Coyazo and Wasted Youth Tattoo. Great place. Great talent.

Who knew getting some ink could be so steeped in Jesus? It’s no surprise really, God is in everything, since He is the one who made it. The ultimate artist.

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