Baby Beast: fit log July 2016

These months really do add up fast. I just celebrated eight months (August 7th) that I have been steadily working out. This post however, will be discussing the gains I made in month seven. It’s been such a trip. I love it so much that even when I hate it I love it. You know, I never agreed with the quote: “if it is not madness it is not love.” Then I found fitness and savagely fell in love with the madness.

It’s crazy how far I’ve come when I think about where I started back in December of last year, I was a different person altogether. I’ve even come a long way since June. Life never really goes the way you want it to but you will always have yourself so I think It’s a very wise investment to take care of the bodies we will live in until our dying day. For the record I do not do these monthly posts to boast about being buff n stuff, that’s what gym selfies are for (kidding, that’s not my thing.) I keep the baby beast thread updated so I can monitor my own progress. I also keep calendars and notes for myself, some of which you’ll see here but these posts are the perfect summaries for me to reflect back on when needed. Also, I hope they are a source of encouragement to those seeking to live a fitter life. I’m not a trainer or an expert. I’m just a person who wanted to make healthier physical choices a few months ago, so I did and it paid off. Everybody has obstacles to work around, mine is Cerebral Palsy. The mild diagnosis I have effects my balance which means there are some exercises/routines that I just cannot do. I accept that and I always find an alternative. Nothing stops me unless I let it. Don’t find an excuse, come up with a strategy.

So what does someone who’s been nicknamed baby beast do in the gym? My main thing is lifting. I did a running program briefly but I lost weight very quickly and if anything I need to pack on the pounds. I lift free weights and bars, I also do some machine work. I have yet to join a gym because I have enough to work with at home. I change up my routines about every three months so my muscles don’t get used to the same pattern. I breakdown, I repair, I gain, I repeat. 

Fitness is a constant evolution, there is no end point.-Genevieve Rose

Goals I hit from last month:

  1. Switch lifting schedule to four days on two days off.
  2. Keep working with maximum weight, minimum reps.
  3. Eat even cleaner than I do now, incorporate eating plan for abs.
  4. Keep working on flexibility.
  5. Possibly incorporate CrossFit routines.

Goals I’ll reach:

  1. Continue clean eating. Small portions every 2-3 hours, lots of protein. It’s what the abs want.
  2. Keep a solid 7-8 hours. The better I eat, the better I sleep, the more I can lift.
  3. Between August and September I will make sure my abs look better than they ever have.

Personal notes:

  • 1st: excellent chest press and flies!
  • 2nd: solid back session.
  • 3rd: max weight with shoulders!
  • 4th: max weight with biceps! (3 of 3)
  • 5th: abs are better this month, less winded.
  • 6th: triceps are more sculpted. Glutes are concrete! 
  • 8th-18th: no workouts. Just keep swimming ><>
  • 19th: best abs session yet! Improving max biceps. 
  • 26th-31st: solid week of lifting. Hit most muscles twice.

The outline of my training schedule for July and August

4 on 1-2 off. Max weight.

  • chest, triceps
  • back, biceps
  • legs, shoulders
  • abs and glutes alternate every other day.

I will continue falling in love with the madness of being fit for life and I hope you do the same.

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