This Ability: Sherown Campbell

Fitness has its own community and social media makes finding like minds just a few clicks away. After starting Crossfit in 2017 my network opened up to other adaptive athletes (those who train with adaptation due to a condition/injury) like myself.

A quote that I thought was as genuine as it was inspiring led me to an unexpected page that introduced me to the life of Sherown Campbell, a self-proclaimed ‘paralyzed-ish’ father who is rated PG for positivity and gratitude.

@sherown.campbell on Instagram

I reached out to Sherown and asked if he would like to share his story on Mindless Peace. Hopefully the readers enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

Genevieve Rose: The accident you endured in 2014 (spinal fracture while wrestling with a friend) may have changed your body but how has it changed your character?

Sherown Campbell: I’m a lot more grateful for the small things and I have learned to love living at a slower pace. Other than that, I’m the same old driven person, just with different goals to match the changes.

Genevieve Rose: How have others explained your diagnosis?

Sherown Campbell: Remarkable, inspirational, or motivating. Mostly because most people don’t get the opportunity to recover much [but] I have been able to recover through therapy and healing. I’ve tried to make the most out of it with my training habits.

Genevieve Rose: How do you define strength?

Sherown Campbell: The mental capacity to handle or adapt to tough situations and work through them.

GR: How do you define weakness?

SC: The inability to change or accept changes in life.

GR: Were you in great shape before your accident or did that custom carved physique come afterward?

SC: [Laughter] I was in great shape before my injury. Ran track through college, MMA, and just started competing in Crossfit. I’ve slowly been trying to get back to a resemblance of my health before my accident.

GR: What is it that enables you to maintain your focus?

SC: Peace, balance, family, [being] optimistic but realistic and driven.

@sherown.campbell on Instagram

GR: How do you feel about the word ’disability’?

SC: I understand the term but really anyone has a ‘disability’ if compared to someone more capable. It’s just a word/label like any other [used] to define people.

GR: Lastly, would you like to talk about #nevergivingup?

SC: In my situation, since I have seen beneficial changes, I don’t want to ever give up on improving myself and question what could have been or [be] ashamed that I should have worked harder. So I keep trying.

Witness the ability of Sherown Campbell and his lovely family @sherown.campbell on Instagram

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