I have a theory, it’s not a theory I came up with but one I agree with. We need love. People need love. Humans are built for it. Dogs understand this most purely. Another theory I adhere is; dog spelled backwards is God and I do not believe that is a coincidence. God is many things. God is the beginning and the end, God is jealous, God can be angered and the most popular, overly perpetuated aspect of the Creator Himself, is that God is love. This is absolutely true, the fracture is in the fact that very few understand what the love of God actually is and what that actually means. Dogs however, in my experience, get it. God is love. Dogs are love. Their soul purpose of existing is to love and be loved. 

My dog, my left hand man, my Johnny Cash, makes it really hard to have a bad day. He wakes up wagging and he’s even more excited if he wakes up to music. Nothing has happened yet, it’s the beginning hours of the morning, there’s not much sunlight yet. My bed is not yet made, my eyes have just opened and there he is, the man in black, ready to dance with me.

“When people say men are dogs, it’s insulting to Teva.”-Robyn

We should all be like dogs and not in the pejorative sense in which some are categorized . Imagine if everyone’s default was love. What if we woke up happy? What if we enjoyed all the moments? What if we lived to do good and we thrived off discipline, praise and encouragement? Things would be brighter. Positive talk and affirmation may be considered childish but these are the keys to thriving-not surviving-one can survive off cynicism and resentment just fine for quite some time. To thrive though, takes a more sincere, consistant effort. How do you talk to yourself? Are you someone you love? Do you think if you thought differently about the you that you are, your behavior would change and by consequence you would live differently?

A couple months back I began to dog-talk myself. I made a conscious effort to be proud of my strengths while working on my weaknesses and not condemning myself for having them. I tell myself I am awesome whether I believe it or not because a positive mindset can move a mountain. I do my best to reinforce and own my inner greatness 24/7. I do it for the same reason I choose to believe I can win any fight I might get in. It’s been said; “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” As of right now, I remain in the process of fortifying myself in more than just one area of life. The very first step was telling myself I am strong enough to do so. Constant dog-talk. Endless affirmation. I wake up, greet Teva lovingly, tell him he’s wonderful, smart and important and then I tell myself the same. 

Catch yourself in those self-loathing moments. Don’t let yourself be beaten up by your own mind. Didn’t get the job? It’s not personal, plus you need the time because there’s a better one coming up. Should’ve backed out of the argument but didn’t? There will be a chance to do better next time. Didn’t PR in the gym like you thought you would? Tomorrow is another day.

If you read Coffee, Black it’s obvious that success in all start in the small. If you want to run the world, you have to make your bed. All I did was open my car door. I didn’t even step out yet. A guy walking by with a friend immediately asked; do you need help?” Why would I need help when I just opened my door? I’m not even doing anything.

“No I’m good” I responded, sensing the sharpness in my own voice but the moment was so quick I’m sure this stranger didn’t recognize the offense in my tone. It would be so nice if people’s first thought when they saw me was not, do you need help? No I don’t. Maybe I do but I’m more capable than most assume. This is where I catch myself, in these small moments. Am I going to beat myself down or raise myself up? Do the dog talk. Don’t be a cat. Nobody like cats, retract your claws. People just want to help and that’s nice because it’s nice to be nice. His offer was probably not a personal assessment of what I can and cannot do, he was probably just acting like a gentlemen in front of his female company. Whatever the reason, thanks stranger for being a Good Samaritan. Dog-talk accomplished. Climbed one rung higher on the mental later of success.

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