Victim of Victory

It’s funny how you grow and discover things about yourself, life stage changes and perspective alterations. Perhaps it’s not always a discovery, we just had to grow enough to realize what was there all along. Recently I’ve been thinking about the way people respond to me. Someone will come up to me and we’ll talk and then this bizarre shock and awe comes over them, not like they’ve seen a ghost although I can be frightening at times nor is it because they’re stifled by my stunning good looks, it’s more like they’re surprised.

A dear friend of mine brought completion to this constant train of thought she said; “it’s because you’re not a victim.” God bless the people in our lives that love us so that it is their greatest joy to watch us grow.

For a minute all I could do was silently ponder what she had just put words to. I’m not a victim, I never have been. When you see someone with obvious limitations people judge that. When I’m seen with my four-legged faithful friend walking in a way normal folks couldn’t rock even if they tried, they think victim. They must think sad or less than or ‘oh life must be so hard’ why else would people be so surprised when they learn more about me than what they see? Sidebar, don’t ever pity anyone. It does nothing and helps no one, it’s an emotion that should evoke compassion if it doesn’t it’s useless. For all you know the one you feel sorry for could be feeling sorry for you. The wonderful Aussie preacher said it well,

”if what you see is all you see, you will never see all there is to see.”-Christine Caine

I carry life and love and light with me, scratch the surface and you’ll see my fire. Victims don’t think that way, victors do. If the Hunger Games were based on state of mind I’d win. I might even win the ruthless competition as is if it were not fictitious. Don’t underestimate the power of a determined mind. I’m a winner because I want to be, not in arrogance or like a Charlie Sheen breakdown, but a winning mentality that encourages others to be more than conquerors in their own lives. Are you like that? Do you know how blessed you are? Do you show it? All of us could be more grateful than grumpy, what if we complimented half as much as we complained? We can be selfish or we can be loving. It doesn’t have to be a New Year’s resolution, just choose right now because right now is your only guarantee, victim or victory?

I believe it is true that “life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.” It’s been said that we hold the key to our own prison, and the battlefield is in the mind. Where do your thoughts come from? Is what you’re thinking true or is it a lie? Do you know the difference? We can be victims or we can be victorious but we cannot be both. We are all a slave to something. As for me, my choice, my chains, what I am tied to is Christ. I am a prisoner of hope.

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