Baby Beast: fit log August 2016

I don’t know how many decisions I’ve made in my life that I can confidently, without a doubt, say that I am nothing but pleased I did that. Living fit is one of those things. It has not always been easy but in some way it has always been satisfying. Even when I’m nothing but sore, I’m satisfied.

The feeling you get after 3 months when endorphis are your best friend.

Personal notes from August

  • 1st-8th: I was sick
  • 9th-12th: solid week, max weight.
  • 14th-17th: glutes like stone! Abs paid off this week.
  • 19th-21st: heavy lifting for the wedding (arms). Glutes 120r (lunges, squats, and bridges).
  • 21sf: really fast, really heavy shoulder workout.
  • 22nd: none
  • 23rd: just biceps. 30lb total, 4 exercises.
  • 24th: glutes and abs in the same day. Should’ve lifted but at least I got something in.
  • 25th-28th: stupid social life got in the way-no workouts.
  • 30th: really good stretch.
This is the reason I started lifting 9 months ago.

Goals I hit from July

  • Switch lifting schedule to four days on two days off. Took only one day off.
  • Keep working with maximum weight, minimum reps.
  • Eat even cleaner than I do now, incorporate eating plan for abs.
  • Keep working on flexibility.
  • Switch lifting schedule to four days on two days off.
  • Eat small portions every 2-3 hours, lots of protein. It’s what the abs want.
  • It is surprisingly difficult to find a fellow lady who lifts to be a buff n stuff buddy because of this ignorant misconception. Women are not built the same way as men, testosterone is the main reason. Touching the weight rack will not cause immediate bodybuilder syndrome, promise. 

    Body goals for the next three months.

    For those females who do committ, this is a realistic result. Tone plus muscle. Not exclusively bulk. 

    Not everyone can do every excersize. That doesn’t mean you can’t work the muscle, you just have to adapt. Strategy is key for me to work around my disability. Cerebral Palsy has not stopped me yet.

    3 essentials for the best kind of woman

    Mad Love is about more than just how things look on the surface.

    Squats plus lunges equal that last one.

    Goals I’ll reach:

  • Core strength is key
  • All about the abs
  • Keep a solid 7 hours of sleep, perfect amount. The better I eat, the better I sleep, the more I can lift.
  • 3 protein shakes per day.
  • Plan for October.

    My biggest victory is the most recent layer of muscle I’ve been able to build on top of the foundation it took me months to lay. The strong and solid phase is my favorite so far. I’ve made lifting a lifestyle now, it’s more than a habit. I am more than toned now, I’ve added muscle. 


    My biggest frustration is still the condition of my abs. The most important factor is my diet which I’m continually tightening up, though I do have to factor in my fast metabolism. The main goal I have right now is to improve my core strength which will in turn improve my balance, and since I’m always a little unsteady I could use the help.

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