Baby Beast fit log: one year and six months

The greatest sentiment to me is love in the form of a letter. It could be because I’m obsessed with words or because I have a serious affinity for pens that glide along paper. There’s just something so intimate about letter writing, sitting down in front of paper with a pen in hand and taking the time to write out what someone means to you is special. Nowadays with our endless connectivity on social media and constant loneliness in reality, the closest form of ‘thinking of you’ being a text, we could all use a love note or two. I wrote a love letter myself a year and a half ago today:

An open letter to my boyfriend,

It wasn’t love at first sight, it wasn’t exactly lust either, but so many things about you were wildly attractive. I had to know every detail of you. Inside of you were things that I had gone my whole life without. I can honestly say now, that the moment you stuck in my thoughts I just knew I had to have you. Getting to know you was a risk and what’s more is that I was willing to take it. As you know, I’m not much of a risk taker, at least not when it comes to love. I had to risk it with you though. I’ve never once had a stronger sense that this risk would be worth the reward. So against all that was in my head, I went after you with my whole heart. 

It was tough at first, you and I, because you met me at a very strange time in my life. A very dark time when the only comfort I counted on was: “write drunk, edit sober.” Words of Hemingway, proven very difficult when taken literally. You knew I could be better though, even at my worst you saw the best in me, that is why I love you so. It was difficult to say the least, because I had to let go of everything about me just to fit with you. As much as the beginning hurt, giving it all up was worth it because I wanted you more than anything else. So any change I had to make I was glad to say; “so be it.”

Love is sacrifice and my goodness I have sacrificed for you. I left so much of my old self behind when you came into my life. The needless drinking, the fast-food, even pop which has been my favorite thing ever since I was practically a fetus. I did it all for you. I picked up some good habits too. You taught me not only how to eat right but also more often and the former me, who was chronically exhausted and drowning in caffeine, sincerely thanks you. The way you make me feel is something I love more than coffee. My arms are in great shape, I love the cut in my shoulders and triceps. I can even see muscle in my calves. Did you know I’m curling a record high weight right now? Never would’ve got there without you. Don’t worry if you leave me with an injury or two and some decretive black and blue-time heals most wounds. So what if I ache for days after being with you? That just makes me miss you more.

You challenge me, you push me, you break me, and yet somehow you continue to make me better. You leave me so very sore and so very satisfied. My balance is better because of you, my legs feel like concrete, thanks a million for introducing me to squats, I’m up to one hundred now. I love that you make sure to keep things fresh in our relationship. Just when one routine gets too familiar, something more difficult comes along and we tackle it together. We’re quite the pair. Even though we’ve only had each other for a short while, this is not the first confession of my love and it won’t be the last. I see the way you love me every day now, it’s all over me. I could just be brushing my teeth or cleaning up, and there it is, some sign of improvement, strength that wasn’t there before. All because of you. 

Thank you darling for ripping me down repeatedly and making me stronger than I ever thought I could be. I’m truly a healthier, sexier, stronger me, all because of knowing you. Happy six months babe, I look forward to forever.

I love you Gym.-Genevieve 

This was the love letter I wrote to my body, mind and soul when I hit the six month mark. It’s been a year since then. I would say I can’t believe it but I was there so I can. I worked through it, ached through it, swore through it and endured it. Such satisfying torture. I didn’t do it perfectly and I don’t think I will ever achieve perfection in the fitness realm or any other for that matter but it’s not about perfection. For me, fitness is about progress not perfection. I’ve come a long way and that’s what I think of when I’m faced with the many miles I have to go. I have come so very far. Fitness is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle. Even when I reach my ideal shape I’ll have to maintain it. There are stepping stones though. The bar does get raised and what once was hard for me is now laughably easy. It is still a climb but I no longer feel like I’m going up a mountain in flip flops. At least now I’m wearing the proper climbing gear. 

In the past six months I’ve simply continued with my earlier routines and tweaked things when necessary. There was a month or two where I didn’t do much more than sit on my ass and eat while I wrote a book. It’s the best idea to hibernate in the winter when you have the long term goal of becoming the fittest woman with Cerebral Palsy but that is the extent of what I did for a few weeks. The bright side being, I finally put on the weight I’ve been desperately trying to gain. I am ecstatic about hitting this goal. More weight means more muscle for me to carve out. It’s a common practice for people who workout to want to lose weight but I needed the opposite. In December 2015 I started out as a flesh colored skeleton. Then I defined my muscles and lifted my butt. After a couple months of that I increased the weight and increased it again and increased it some more. My physical frame truly did change. Unfortunately, I have no beginner photos but I’ll have to start posting photo progress soon. I didn’t take photos along the way because I didn’t want to come off as salacious or boastful but taking care of your body like the temple it is should be celebrated.

Some of the changes in my physicality could be due to hormones. I’m twenty-four now and I started lifting at twenty-two. All I know is sometime during this past winter I felt so much bigger. I felt thicker. I also got taller. My hips widened and my ass is a force to be reckoned with. I’m not too sure what to do with this new body but I am enjoying it. I’ve always been a twig, I’m not sure if I’m ready to be a branch.

What I don’t want to do is list what to do and what not to do for others. 1) I don’t have an exact routine. 2) Fitness concepts should be adjusted to the individual. I will however, offer some suggestions that are a good jumping off point for most.

This advice is golden

If squats are gold, eating clean is diamonds.

My current challenge. Always working on my weak points.

What I’ll be doing this weekend so I don’t stay horizontal while binge watching season 5.

I’ve found my rhythm now. I have a new body now. I know my goals more precisely now. I can’t wait to smash more of them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if I can get fit anyone can. This all started because I didn’t want to drink so much alcohol anymore so I needed a good habit in place of the booze. Now, I’ll be starting Crossfit training soon, a whole new glorious mountain to climb. My last fitspo update was when I hit one year of lifting and my next update will probably be a few months from now. Until then, be well, God bless and live fit.

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