Baby Beast: fit log February 2016

~Rise and GRIND~

These past few months of being a gym junkie have been quite the trip. See where I was back in January 2016. I first started back in December 2015, see how things were in the beginning. It hasn’t been very long, but it has been long enough for me to see some impressive physical and mental changes.

Month one was a rough start and then it became my sweet escape. Month two was when I started to see my efforts paying off, then unfortunately I got sick for 10 days and missed an entire week of lifting. Never fear, it was an oddly humbling and necessary break from the gym. That week and a half where I was down and out totally refined my  outlook on why I’m striving to be strong. Month three was less than impressive at least in my entirely self critical eyes but hey, I completed it! After all, fitness is all about the little victories. 

Month four is where I am now, April 2016, I’m actually typing this in the training gloves I just bought-they were this month’s incentive I got for myself as an anniversary gift-also my apartment is cold so they’re keeping me warm.

February fitness schedule: 3 on 1 off, 6–8 reps.

  • M: back and biceps, butt, abs, plank
  • T: legs, shoulders, plank
  • W: chest and triceps, butt, abs, plank
  • Th: rest


  • February 1st: back and biceps were a major struggle, serious fatigue. Split the work out in half a.m./p.m.
  • February 2nd: killed leg day and then of course leg day killed me “so it goes.” 5 days until two month anniversary!
  • February 3rd: routine for my abs didn’t completely kill me. Getting better at Russian twists.
  • February 5th–7th: did not work out (2 month anniversary)
  • February 8th: best set of lunges yet! (40 straight)
  • February 10th: finished around 2 AM. Struggled through abs but completed them! Record plank! (3m 30s)
  • February 16th: missed chest, triceps, butt, and plank. Not good.
  • February 17th: did 4 muscle groups to make up for yesterday. Multiple planks, 4 minutes 15 seconds total. Deep lunges.
  • February 21st: missed a week of lifting.
  • February 28th: back on track! Moved routines around.

Judging from the summary, I either killed it or was a sloth. Peaks and valleys right? February was a month that left me feeling very solid. My balance further improved. My quads felt like stone. It was a good month, sometimes great, sometimes sad, but overall good. Though it was often slow I kept moving and because I did, I progressed.

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