Baby beast: fit log September 2016

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Baby Beast update, not because I’ve left the fit life, I’ve just been occupied with other things. Mainly writing, my second novel is in the works. Fitness and writing, two things in my life that are entirely my own, I find so much freedom in that. Freedom to create, breakdown, burn and rebuild, literally and metaphorically.

Here’s the highlights From September:

  • 1st: 40 Russian Twists in a row-PR!
  • 2nd-3rd: Rested. No more rest days, each muscle gets up to five days off anyway.
  • 4th: I was so tired I didn’t even put my shoes on. Made it through abs shoulders. It was a rough one-PR for push-ups. Also did chest and triceps.
  • no rest days. September cutting, October bulk.
  • 6th: best sleep-7hrs. Might need a rest day.
  • 14th–21st: good consistency.
  • 25th to the 28th: getting better at increased weight (3s 6-8r 15lbs) 

September was a month where I toyed around with the idea of a rest day. I thought it may not even be necessary to have one if I’m doing bis/shoulders almost twice a week (3 day gap in between) did I need an official day of rest if each muscle group gets at least a two day break anyway? Some weeks I took a rest day, others I didn’t. I am by no means a professional in the gym. My goal is to continually get stronger and stronger by lifting heavy things. The outline of my training since it all began back in December of 2015 consists of free weights, body excersises and some machine excersises, I rarely do cardio since my body type is ectomorph and I do whatever I can to put on weight. It’s not rocket surgery, I just wanted to get healthier and stronger so I did. I’m not consistent with much, I’m a writer, a free spirit, someone who bleeds over the lines instead of just crossing them. If I can lift for 9 months straight you obviously can too.

Fitness is my drug. That is not a hyperbole, that’s the truth. At this point, what I’m physically addicted to are endorphins which is what gets pumped into the body during a workout. The fit life balances me out, I feel better, I look better, it irons out my anxiety and clears my depression. To me, fitness is a godsend. As lame as it sounds, being fit helps me love myself. I wish that satisfaction for everyone, to honestly value the reflection shown in the mirror, knowing you’re worth something. That is a damn good feeling.

When you live the fit life it’s clear that there is no end point, it’s and evolving goal. I have so many seemingly insurmountable goals for my fitness future, but you know what? These Baby Beast updates help me keep track of how ridiculously far I’ve already come. I still need to chisel my abs and keep the weight on but I did set two PR’s this month! For abs and chest no less (those are two of my weakest points) which tells me I’m well on my way to greatness.

Predictions for my upper body in October but twice as nutty and with less hair.

Whatever workouts you’re doing, whatever target you’re aiming at you will get there, don’t you dare quit.

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