Mondays are for Memoirs

Being a writer who can’t write is a frustration all its own but even in the midst of struggle, having drafts on drafts with no decent material, I still don’t believe in writer’s block. I feel like it’s an excuse more than anything. That’s like not working out because you’re not a bodybuilder, you have […]

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To my friend

  Dammit I still miss you. Dammit I still miss you. It’s been short and it’s been so long. I can remember but not enough, what’s worse is I can’t forget your face and what was left of you as you laid there still and dead. My pointless memories are photographs and these two tattoos. […]

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Chick-fil-A Fire

Real quick (excuse the Midwestern terminology) take a moment to read something positive on the internet. Two videos regarding Chick-fil-a were posted by a gentleman early this month. The first was this man waiting in the drive thru line at a Chick-fil-a in Arizona. It was a Wednesday when there was said to be a […]

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