I wrote this not for sympathy or God forbid pity, I wrote this to be authentic.

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Baby Beast: fit log July 2016

These months really do add up fast. I just celebrated eight months (August 7th) that I have been steadily working out. This post however, will be discussing the gains I made in month seven. It’s been such a trip. I love it so much that even when I hate it I love it. You know, […]

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Struggle Bus

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to struggle. Thinking about the struggles that have been overcome and the struggles yet to come. I struggle, you struggle, he, she, they struggle. Just because struggling is a part of life, or that it is life. That does not necessarily mean our struggles are a […]

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The view from here

  A dog’s view of the world is different than a human’s they see what we see just from a different perspective. Having a disability, having mild CP the way I do is sort of like that. My perspective is different because my view is different. Here’s a for instance; the other night a friend […]

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