In life, there’s the people you want to be better than, the people you want to be better for, and the people you want to be better with.-Genevieve Rose

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Baby Beast: fit log March 2016

Third month of strength training! March 7th to be exact. My lifting routine is still 3 on 1 off, same muscle groups as February too.  Other than weights, here’s what I’ve been doing for about 90 days:      This routine I don’t do everyday, when it’s rest day, I rest, I’ve learned to appreciate it. […]

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You know I think it’s really interesting that we as people have so much focus on our vocation, I mean yes obviously, work is what pays for life but who we are is not in what we do, at least for me it isn’t my identity. I’m a writer. I pretty much always have been […]

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Marry Me Later

Writers are often inspired by other writers, or at least other written things. If that’s not the case it’s probably because jealousy got in the way and that competitive drive kicked in. Nevertheless, words are perhaps the most beautiful tool out there for someone to make a point. Of course, not everyone is an ink-in-the-veins […]

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This place I love, this place I fear

It’s a Tuesday, or Wednesday evening or whatever night it is that I have some writing assignment due and I can’t seem to sit there and just make myself type the words. in my head I find myself running again, chasing the ever elusive inspiration, or more so muse-inspiration’s trickier cousin. Expertly evading, constantly changing, […]

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