I’m in the process of drafting my memoir which is nothing like my first novel. Up till now I’ve only written fiction books. I’ve written countless articles and blog posts in my own voice but I’ve never written anything extended about my own life from my personal POV. For novel number two it’s easier because […]

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My Sweetest Friend

He hears the things I don’t even say, he knows if I’m breathing in a different way. He stands still and watches quietly and I know  enough about him to know he’s not just there idly.  He’s waiting patiently.  Observing whether or not I need his rescuing. That’s what I like about this one, among […]

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Animals living in the Palace

The Palace Have you ever seen a palace fall? The columns crack, the sky high windows fall to the ground, and the roof full of gold caves right on in like a crumpled paper plane. It used to be so beautiful and then I saw what it was really made of. Every king has a […]

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