Scream of Silence

I never thought it possible to miss a thing you’ve never had.  Then it got quiet enough, actual quiet, silence not even blocked by white noise.  The only interruption being  a ticking clock. In the stillness I realized it is a reality, to be able to miss something you’ve never once had. What we truly […]

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Baby Beast: fit log March 2016

Third month of strength training! March 7th to be exact. My lifting routine is still 3 on 1 off, same muscle groups as February too.  Other than weights, here’s what I’ve been doing for about 90 days:      This routine I don’t do everyday, when it’s rest day, I rest, I’ve learned to appreciate it. […]

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Baby Beast: fit log December 2015

“I hate saying ‘I like exercise’ I want to punch people who say that in the face…” Although, most things Jennifer Lawrence entertain me she and I share very different outlooks on physical fitness. Since I truly do enjoy working out I suppose I’d be one of the ones she would punch in the face […]

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You’re So pretty

So I go to this gym and at this gym I go to there’s a lot of people, mostly younger people and it seems that whenever I go day or night late or early, the young people are there. I’d say the majority age-range is teenager to twenty-something. I’m not writing this to make the […]

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