St. Nick’s Naughty List

The world has a way of watering down truth. It’s sad really, that we seek the shallow end of the pool, never knowing what we’d find out if we dared to swim a little deeper. Much of the world has commercialized Christmas (I can’t say all because they’re twenty-something’s out there like me who know Jesus is the reason for the season, and so they spend the eve of His birthday writing something like this.) The jolly guy that jiggles wearing a red suit and a white beard started around the time of the Civil War, other commercialized Christmas things entered the scene because of poetic influence, eventually we got to where we are today.

Before the cartoons that evolved into the mascot we have today there was a theory about St. Nick. Mystics believed when he died in the year 343 that a healing liquid leaked out around his corpse that was supposedly bottled up. They didn’t have any minute clinics back then, but they did have a dead man who was famous for his generosity. So why not drink up his corpse juice and hope to get better? It’s important now that I strip all of what’s written above away and write down what matters.

SANKT NIKOLAUS-what’s his story?

The name Sankt Nikolaus is German, and its origin is where we’ve derived the American version Santa Claus. The following information on St. Nick is based on facts in a sermon preached by Pastor James Macdonald. Nicholas-who was a real person-a man from what is currently Turkey. He came from a wealthy family, his parents died of an epidemic so Nicholas decided to use his inheritance to help those in need. He was renowned for being a joyful giver and he was imprisoned for his loyalty to Jesus Christ. Let me just say, what a pathetic spinoff we’ve created. I much prefer this guy over black Friday madness and leaving out cookies that the dog will end up eating. I mean the guy loved God so much he went to prison. St. Nick was boss. Like Paul who walked with Christ Himself, put in chains for the Gospel boss.

Sankt Nikolaus was released for the Council of Nicea in the year 325 that took place near the Black Sea and Russia it was a meeting of church leaders, which included St. Nick who was the Bishop of Myrna. The main issue of the meeting was Jesus and God the Father. “God from God,” “Light from Light.” A heretic at the meeting, because there’s always at least one rotten apple in the cart, was feeling ornery. Arius the heretic was maliciously insistent that Christ was only a man, not God, just a man. I wasn’t there of course but it doesn’t take a genius to know that’s not the best stance to take in room full of bishops. Arius might’ve been fine if Nicholas was still in prison unable to hear his unbelieving rant. Nicholas (our Santa Claus) was so vexed by his foolishness that he got up and slapped Arius the heretic across the face. Merry Christmas. On the eve of this holiday be a boss like Nikolaus and remember that it’s not about the parities, the gifts, or the lights, it’s about God, Santa himself knew that. Keep the truth so close to your heart that if need be you’d get up and slap a heretic too, because when you know the truth you will not stand for lies.

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