Why So Salty?

I have a thing for food; it’s most definitely a serious relationship. Possibly the best serious relationship I’m involved in. When I was young I was diagnosed as failure to thrive, even as I grew I refused to eat so I had to be G-tube fed. Doctors were certain I’d have an eating disorder. They were right I do, I eat way too much. I eat all the time every day and I hardly gain a pound. There have literally been times when my mom has closed our kitchen. I took a culinary class back in high school, which was one of the most annoying things ever because I don’t think I needed to know every type of knife in existence, but it did teach me about flavor. Salt is what brings out the flavor. As a meatatarian who would go to great lengths to get a medium cooked filet mignon, there’s nothing worse than expecting a dash of salt to bring out the mouthwatering goodness and ending up with a mound of ivory morsels on a previously exquisite piece of meat. Thankfully such a tragedy has never happened to me, but it is a tragedy that occurs too often.

Salt is great when it’s used for the sole purpose of bringing out the flavor. It’s supposed to be a pinch of salt so everything tastes the best but instead a white-grain avalanche happens and the taste is putrid. We mean to flick on the switch so it’s easy to see but others can feel like someone’s brights are shining on them while they’re trying to make it down the road. Not every lost soul is evil, most are just distracted by life, and they’re just trying to make it through the fog. To my family out there, my fellow followers of Christ I ask you, why so salty?

Everybody is capable of enhancing the world, making it a better place with the love of God. It’s not that hard really, just do it all through Christ. Start with a prayer and go from there. Being the person with their phone screen glaring in the theater won’t attract positive attention. Know when it’s time to shine. Hypocrisy is a huge turn off; no one wants pepper when they pick up the salt. Meet people where they’re at, don’t shine a spotlight when someone is hardly used to a candle flame. We are the light and we are the salt, we just have to know when to shine and when to shake it.

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