I want to start a fire.
I want to rake the sticks and
smack the stones, even if they are the same ones that
broke my bones.

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Nice to meet you

You are the joy in my laughter.  You are the peace in my heart.  You are the safety in my home,  the crescendo in my song,  and the lyrics in my chest. You are the serenity in my stare and the spark in my smile.  You are the fingers in my palm,  the caffeine in […]

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Scream of Silence

I never thought it possible to miss a thing you’ve never had.  Then it got quiet enough, actual quiet, silence not even blocked by white noise.  The only interruption being  a ticking clock. In the stillness I realized it is a reality, to be able to miss something you’ve never once had. What we truly […]

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Anxious for Sleep

Oh my goodness,  it was like staring at a statue. Glass, stone, marble, all of it. Light beaming through,  then up close it was something totally new. Cracks.  Cracks everywhere. Shattered. Splintered. Damaged. This beauty, this masterpiece,  slowly dying because  nobody ever stopped  at the sound of it  breaking down, they simply admired, and gasped […]

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I think sometimes it’s okay to look at the past, to stop by and visit, and say “remember when” I think sometimes, there has to be those times.  Times of the past when the present seems to be empty. When it’s me across from you and there’s plenty to talk about but none of it […]

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