Love Trumps Hate

I tried. It did not go well. I will try again. Love conquers all.
Beginning with the conclusion of this conversation seemed most appropriate because despite how disheartening it felt, that was my takeaway.
Politics may be problematic but honestly, it’s been a flawed system from the beginning. There may be error after error and disagreement upon disagreement but this would undoubtedly be the result of any group of people trying to work together to reach any solution. Imagine being in Congress with a 100 billion dollar budget and seven devastating issues to solve, on top of monumental debt. Now try budgeting with a room full of people who each have a different list of priorities. Togetherness is not an easy task. Truthfully, it’s impressive that America is what it is. It’s a wonder anything gets accomplished. Flaws and all we live in a privileged, powerful nation. It’s understandable that some are not in agreement with our President because certain aspects about both himself and his leadership are about as comfortable as being dragged across a blacktop. What is just as uncomfortable though, is the malice so many have chosen to indulge. Why the hate? Why the hostility? If angry, let it be fuel to make a change, don’t throw a tantrum. Excelsior. 
Although it felt like entering Old Yeller’s cage on his last day, I wanted to understand the motive behind those who boastfully hate President Donald Trump. The ones who wear the ’expletive Trump’ hats meant to undermine his MAGA slogan, which in itself is counterproductive. Why f the person who is aiming to make America great again? Even if he’s not ideal for the position, he is who we have. Shouldn’t we work together, not against?
The conversation was via social media. Sparked by one of those profane hats on someone I follow, who I also happen to have a lot of respect for. I loved their photography. Landscapes and portraits that looked radiant and professional in every single post. The crazy part is, the one posting such inviting beauty was not actually a photographer. Given what I saw, I still believe they should be. I even said in previous talks that I would gladly hire them to photograph my life because then it would look as good as it feels. An idea they were thrilled about. We also had fitness in common with the both of us being crossfitters. They loved my words and I loved their images. The overall vibe of my social media friend ceaselessly brought a smile to my face. When I saw a photo of them flaunting an anti-Trump hat I thought it was the perfect opportunity to hear the other side, from someone I both respect and like. It did not go as smoothly as I had hoped.
I sent a message after seeing the photo, as hateful as it was, the photo itself was stunning. Bright lighting. Gorgeous smile beneath the red bill that was darkened by the contrast. It could have run as a libelous advertisement. My start to the conversation was; can I just ask, without judgment, why you hate the President? They responded with the points that the media continues to perpetuate; he’s a racist and a misogynist, which may have some validity but what if, it is just lies? It’s not like lying is beneath the media. What if the media is just doing what they have done since the dawn of ’freedom of the press’ and blowing singular aspects out of proportion? Donald Trump was a celebrity before taking the title of POTUS. Wouldn’t there have been ample proof that he was a perverted, male monger before obtaining this much more prestigious position? Vetting is the shovel for digging up dirt and each one of us has some under our fingernails.
The man was a billionaire well before the White House and is now the only President making less money in office than before his inauguration. People with money tend to make enemies. It seems plausible that scandalous information would have been widely known about him prior to 2016. Several big-shots happen to be void of integrity. Weinstein, and Heffner for example, and it was not a secret.
Rather than insisting our President believes wholeheartedly in diversity, lives for the boss lady and saves babies. I simply wrote that he, along with being a wealthy leader, has a wife and children. Also, he has and had, countless non-Caucasian employees including females appointed in high positions to work alongside him. He loves the country from which he came, why would he want to destroy it? It is obvious that Trump is not an easygoing or even likable man, we had the crowd-pleasing, charismatic communicator for the previous eight years. Are the successful in it to forge friendships or change the world? The presidency is not like being a celebrity, fans are not the main focus. 
At this point in our conversation, I think my friend felt attacked. They didn’t seem to see the proposed question; what if-just maybe-he’s not actually the Antichrist? He is still human, doesn’t that count for something? What happened to agree to disagree? Respect, Aretha sang it best. 
The main point on my end: hate solves nothing. Then they sent me this video of Trump. My response was this video of Obama
As someone with a disability, I had a right to be offended by our previous leader just as much as I did with our current one. Same insult, different day. There were even those that were offended for me. Honestly, in my opinion, if I were to be offended by anything, it’s that I was thought of as just a disability in that moment, not by the presidents but by those who shared that clip of with me. How hurtful it is to be labeled off a single attribute. It would be just as rude for me to label Obama and Trump based on their joint ignorance. 
Beneath the clip of Barack Obama insulting those with disabilities I wrote:

Being offended is a choice, one that breeds bitterness and resentment that grows into hate, it is a petty distraction that pulls us further away from peace and a healed world. Love, however, conquers all.-Genevieve Rose

Those were the final words. The conversation disappeared. It took me a while to figure out that I had actually been cut off. I just sat there, blocked and shocked. They took away the whole conversation. The progress we were trying to make in the name of peace, erased. The only reason I was able to write my final words verbatim is because I had tweeted it. What about love? Regardless of politicians and policies, why can’t we at least agree that love trumps hate? My heart sank. This is why the world is not yet healed, lack of love. The contempt has to end. The libel must stop. The slander needs to quit. We are individually responsible for what passes through our lips and fingertips. We are bleeding red, drained pale white and bruised a deep, dark blue. Is that how the colors of freedom were meant to look? Wisdom was necessary to soothe my sorrow so I went to Proverbs in attempt to see through the blindness. Chapter 29 was helpful.
Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end. Proverbs 29:11 NIV
I will miss my social media friend. The fitnessing, effervescent amateur/amazing photographer. Hopefully, for love’s sake, we will talk again.
I tried. It did not go well. I will try again. Love conquers all.

4 thoughts on “Love Trumps Hate

  1. Your eloquent words of wisdom need to be spread like wildfire. So sad that your peace seeking conversation was cut off; prayers for their awakening.

  2. You can see God has chosen you and made you His holy people. Continue to clothe yourself with mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. I will be praying for your social media friendship. Wait for the Lord’s help. Be strong and brave, and wait for the Lord’s help Psalms 27:14

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