Smooth but not A Criminal

It is time to face the truth. Let’s admit it. Michael Jackson was guilty. He was guilty of being too kind, too patient and too caring. Let’s make this quick because I have a concert to get to. First, acknowledgments to those who have provided the opportunity for billions like myself who were born a little too late to metaphorically travel back in time to 1988, free of charge to see the greatest entertainer of all time. Proper thanks beginning with the individual who, not so much as birthed this idea as he did Frankenstein mounds of rumors together, make-shifting something that almost passed as believable, director Dan Reed. Huge thank you to his partner in crime, Ian Katz as well and of course, the Sundance Film Festival, where would we be had they not managed to sneak this project into their lineup last minute? We would not be watching a live concert for free, courtesy of The MJ Estate that’s for sure. How Sundance made this happen with factual exposés already set to play, like the documentary on Harvey Weinstein leaves one to wonder about the opportune timing.

Also, shoutout to the HBO Network for trying as hard as they can to draw people into their fading platform. If not for this op-ed they are so graciously hosting, I would not have the ability to freely stream a legendary concert that would have before this uproar, required purchase. HBO deserves the credit for inspiring the generosity of The Estate for hosting this event. If not for a change in motive (and a breach in contract) it would cost me money to for the experience. This is working out great on my end. Good luck to HBO in the courts with The Estate of Michael Jackson. It will be a time to remember.

Last but not at all least, the subjects of the soon to be aired; Lies that Never Land, Wade Robson and James Safechuck. My bad, mistakenly stated the truth there, Freudian slip. They know all about that though, don’t they? Having told the truth and then lying afterward. Whatever works best at the time, right? Forbes expertly and objectively explains all there is to know about Leaving Neverland.

Cheers to Robson and Safechuck for their performances. Without their collective desire for greed, constantly changing stories and manipulation of the #MeToo movement, we would not be seeing the outpouring of truth that is now crashing down upon us like a waterfall because of their insidious actions. The logic behind them most likely being the collective, finite contemplation that if not fame, infamy will do because anything is better than anonymity. There is no hate, not in this heart, only the deepest of sorrows for how low liars can sink. How pathetic it must feel for those men to look in the mirror. I can almost guarantee they will not soon be forgotten. I hope they are proud of what they have done.

How did we get here?

Below is a summary of the events that led us to where we are now, provided by Michael Jackson is not your Me Too Minstrel

I’m not going to re-hash what the Michael Jackson fan community has risen to remind the audience of, in the most simple terms:

• Michael Jackson was acquitted in 2005, and jurors would still deliver the same verdict today.

• That Wade Robson testified for the defense in 2005, then changed his mind and decided to sue the Estate after an epiphany and that the cases were thrown out.

• Michael Jackson was not charged with a crime in 1993 because a Grand Jury refused twice to indict him based on lack of evidence.

• The FBI opened a file on him and in 10 years of investigation, they found absolutely nothing.

Records confirm Michael Jackson was guilty. Guilty of being the best in the business. He was guilty of being a global superstar whose achievements the famous folks of today can only dream of reaching. His white-hot success, paired with his kindhearted nature made him a target. Not just any target but the perfect one. He was a lover, not a fighter, illustrated in record-breaking hits like ‘Beat It’ and ‘Bad’ and people found it easy to prosecute and then persecute him for having compassion. The story of Michael Jackson’s life, particularly the last half, echoes the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus came humbly, taught love and healed wholly and because of this He was betrayed and crucified. Jesus had one Judas, Jackson had too many to count.

Dragged through the mud, for what exactly? Hosting multi-million dollar concerts for free? Donating upwards of 300 million made from ’Man in the Mirror’ to charity? Finding a child the liver he needed to live and then paying for subsequent treatments for years? Personally funding cancer and burn centers? What about providing personal medical attention and transportation to grandparents sitting in coach when he was on the same flight in first class? December of 1997. These weren’t things he did for the sake of doing good, he did them because he wanted to and he did them his entire life, even before the fame. As a child, he would take his mother’s jewelry and give it to his teachers as gifts. A young Michael Jackson would sit with his mother Katherine Jackson in Gary Indiana, watching those heart-wrenching commercials about the starving children in Africa and he would say, “someday I’m going to help them.” He became a man who kept his word. He even sacrificed Neverland, a ranch he built for himself to make up for the childhood he lost through abuse and show business, by opening it up as an extravagant experience for children who were less fortunate. He didn’t have to add rooms for terminally ill children to be apart of the fun despite their lack of energy. He didn’t have to invite anyone. Neverland was his home but he wanted to share the joy. Michael Jackson was guilty of sharing joy. He lived for that.

He invented the moonwalk, broke Grammy records, sang the bestselling album of all time and healed the world as a side-job. How was his overt generosity repaid? Lawsuits over song rights because it was hard for others to accept that a dancing legend could also be the author of timeless hits like ‘Billie Jean.’ The professional drama for Jackson went from petty, to outrageous, to disturbing, depending on his level of success at the time. He had a target in his back and he knew it. That’s why, when the tabloids weren’t working and the media was seething with envy, the attempted documentary that cast a Dateline tone over the wonderment of innocence that was his life in the early 2000s, is when he hit back with the entirety of the footage. It’s astounding what editing can do. Being familiar with deceit, Jackson had the footage he recorded as insurance for such exploitations and released Take 2 a follow-up documentary so the public would know the whole story. Unfortunately, even ten years after his death, the King of Pop has yet to be left alone. The same exact people telling the same exact lies are after him again. Promoting a very public, posthumous lynching. Fortunately, the truth is on record, through the court of law as well as the FBI.

Not a single thing about Michael Jackson was ‘‘normal’’ a concept as subjective as weirdness and neither are against the law. Frankly, if he weren’t what some consider ‘bizarre’, is precisely what made him a legend. It’s easy to believe what the media feeds us but it’s important to gather all the facts before forming an opinion. Click here and scroll down for a full list of links to evidence of his innocence. Records will also be available through the links on my social: Twitter, Instagram, and My Words and I on Facebook.

The silver lining now is with the resurfacing of these recycled rumors many fans along with the Jackson family are saying the truth louder than ever before. Enough is enough. What has become an international campaign slogan, plastered on posters hung everywhere from the gates of Neverland to the Great Wall of China to the sides of buses in London, is a statement that sums up the resurrected controversy said by Michael’s nephew:

Facts don’t lie, people do.-Taj Jackson

This world is full of bad people. This world is full of bad men. Demons masquerading as angels of light like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby. This world is full of those who do evil, thankfully, Michael Jackson was not one of them. He was a humble king, an innocent man, and a wonderful father. The greatest of talents and the sweetest of hearts.


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