Secrets. Life is full of them. I’m sure no one cares but I’m wearing a jacket right now that happens to be a men’s jacket and let me just say there is so much pocket space. With women’s clothes, it’s lucky to find a pocket that’ll fit your keys. This jacket I’m wearing has multiple pockets-multiple-and as I was in church, guess what I found? Secret pockets on the inside! That’s not all, would you believe that the secret pockets are bigger than the outside pockets? It’s true. Are you kidding me? No wonder why men don’t carry bags.

It’s not like I haven’t noticed the lack of storage space in women’s clothing, I have and I understand why because putting pockets in attire like yoga pants makes them look bulgy when you slide your phone in there. Not saying don’t do it because sometimes it’s necessary but it does look less sleek. Form-fitting is the typical female forte when it comes to fashion and for the most part, I like it. Then I wore that men’s jacket and felt severely cheated. I leave stuff at home or load up my Service Dog’s vest because it’s such a pain to carry things. Do you know how fantastic it would be to have secret pockets on the inside of a vibrant button-down?

Men’s clothing is so simple and it rarely changes. For the better part of a century, the only alteration to a suit has been a button or two. When it comes to formal wear for females, the options are daunting. We have such variety but do we need it when we don’t even have sufficient pockets in our pants? What we do have are imitation pockets. Meaning it looks like there’s a pocket there but it’s just an illusion. Maybe that trick is for others or the joke is on us because for a moment after I pulled them up, I thought I’d be able to carry stuff easily for one day but no. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if my dog didn’t double as my purse, there’s only so many things a woman can fit in her bra.

Do men know how good they have it? It’s a fun activity to put together a full wardrobe for a man because it’s easy. Men’s clothing options fit together like pieces in a puzzle. Casual, business casual, formal, and of course everything has pockets. Is there even a downside? It was brought to my attention that while storage space is plentiful in male clothing, the weight is additional because of all that is packed into the pockets. That makes sense but my counterpoint was, while the load may be heavier than a purse, technically wearing it makes it better balanced and therefore, easier to carry. James Brown was right, it really is a man’s world.

Part of me wishes I never had the wonderful experience of putting on that jacket and discovering yet another secret in life but it’s a terrific piece of clothing created by a talented designer who I plan on wearing more from. This one was for the ladies, maybe when you’re feeling low about wardrobe inequality bridge the gap by putting on a man’s jacket.

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