Just can’t move 

I’ve thought about it a great deal, this book of mine.  Perhaps that’s been  the problem all along.  Too much thinking. My first book was just writing. Writing and more writing. Non-stop words. Then rewriting when everything got deleted. This new one I have is jammed in the gears of my brain, currently under stifled […]

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Amazingly Grey

When it comes to black and white issues, things that have obvious reasons-there’s a good side and a bad side. There are those in the black and those in the white. Leaving things that way though, with two highly opinionated sides shouting at each other across the invisible dividing line doesn’t do much of anything. […]

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Vantage Point

Love yourself. A sweet saying seen time and time again. Seems easy enough right? For the reader’s benefit I have compiled a simple how-to process. Step one: simply pay no mind to the parts of oneself that are ‘unlovable.’ Mentally omit shortcomings and/or what is referred to as a checkered past. Do not acknowledge imperfections. […]

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