My Sweetest Friend

He hears the things I don’t even say, he knows if I’m breathing in a different way. He stands still and watches quietly and I know  enough about him to know he’s not just there idly.  He’s waiting patiently.  Observing whether or not I need his rescuing. That’s what I like about this one, among […]

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Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! No this isn’t a life alert commercial nor is it a Cerebral Palsy joke (I have CP so I feel that I can joke about it.) Falling and CP really isn’t s joke anyway, it’s all too realistic, a couple weeks ago I somehow somersaulted off the […]

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Letters to the Dead Isro, Three years since I’ve seen you last but honestly you’ve never left me for a moment. Love doesn’t leave. It can’t. Agape love, godly love, transcends time and dimension. This is how I know you love me still and how I’m certain my love for you is still valid. So […]

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