Christians and Tattoos

A comment on my last article sparked my interest to write this one. Given how much I love Jesus and tattoos I’m surprised I haven’t already written it. Apparently, my words can be googled which I discovered when I couldn’t figure out how to search titles on my own blog via phone. I googled ‘Mindlesspeace […]

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Baby Beast: fit log June 2016

7 months as of June 7th 2016! I honestly did not think I would be celebrating this fitness anniversary. Reason being, this past month has been the hardest of them all. Lifting has been kicking my butt hard. I’ve been so sore and so exhausted. Strength training has been been a challenge since day one […]

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You’re So pretty

So I go to this gym and at this gym I go to there’s a lot of people, mostly younger people and it seems that whenever I go day or night late or early, the young people are there. I’d say the majority age-range is teenager to twenty-something. I’m not writing this to make the […]

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