Mad Love

August 5th of this year Suicide Squad was released. A story where the villains are the stars. Where love meets hate and fantasy meets realism. “David {director} is not cheesy, that’s his thing. I mean he said; I’m not gonna do this unless I can make this world ground in some sort of truth.”-Viola Davis. […]

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“They’re a rotten crowd. You’re worth more than the whole damn bunch put together!” Said by Nick Carraway, the man who did nothing but stand idly by as the friends he used for selfish gain “retreated into their money and vast carelessness” and then eventually self-destructed. People ask me what inspires me to write and […]

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Why So Salty?

I have a thing for food; it’s most definitely a serious relationship. Possibly the best serious relationship I’m involved in. When I was young I was diagnosed as failure to thrive, even as I grew I refused to eat so I had to be G-tube fed. Doctors were certain I’d have an eating disorder. They […]

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