In life, there’s the people you want to be better than, the people you want to be better for, and the people you want to be better with.-Genevieve Rose

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I do, do you?

There’s a significant difference between what it means to “hold fast” and being in handcuffs. They’re both a tie, they both maintain a connection to something or someone else. The first is based on loyalty and what is good, whereas handcuffs are forced and resemble slavery. Ties can be made of steadfast hope like the […]

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Vantage Point

Love yourself. A sweet saying seen time and time again. Seems easy enough right? For the reader’s benefit I have compiled a simple how-to process. Step one: simply pay no mind to the parts of oneself that are ‘unlovable.’ Mentally omit shortcomings and/or what is referred to as a checkered past. Do not acknowledge imperfections. […]

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