Under the Weather

The opinions and beliefs expressed on Mindless Peace are sometimes based on research and facts, sometimes based on meandering 3 AM thoughts and rides on my own personal struggle bus. They are written out to hopefully help people, myself included, iron out the wrinkles in the linen fabric that is life by providing peace in it all through words.

A recent personal struggle bus journey involved more than one difficult passenger. Ever have those days where it’s one irritant after the other? When it rains it pours, this isn’t new but still, it’s like, alright enough! I have no shelter from the storm and I’m about to get hypothermic. The rain does not care who it falls on. After 48 hours of irritations involving a no call/no show, issues at work, arguments with family and then attending a celebratory event that ended up being more miserable than Poe himself, my clothes had reached their limit on how much pouring rain could be absorbed. I craved to go indoors just so I could wring them out and not feel weighed down anymore.

The rain does not care who it falls on.-Genevieve Rose

How nice it would be to be an island, to truly do it alone. To leave and not return. Avoid the people, keep the peace. It would work but only until the urge arises to get something accomplished. We need people, many of them, to get things in motion. We may not need to pair up and get married for stability and survival like people did a century ago but if we want a double income and to put in the hard work that is love, we need people. We need people to have connections, personal and professional because so much happens for us based on our reputations and building a reputation means needing people. We need people in order to have careers, we need referrals, we need supporters, we need fans; all of which are human beings. Living on an island seems a bit trickier now, doesn’t it? It’s not as simple as going off the grid, dumping the gas, throwing the match and watching the Golden Gate burn. That’s how it felt mentally scrolling down the list of personal goals in life and checking which ones would actually require other people. Turns out, others are necessary for the majority of desired accomplishments. This means I cannot book a trip to Belize and be left alone on an island there, even though that’s what I want more than anything when getting a handful of difficult humans to deal with. Truth is, I’m difficult too, I know that but if I jetted off to a one-woman island no one would have to deal with me, would they? No, but I don’t think a writer like me would feel fulfilled scrawling words on scraps of paper that I’d roll up and slide into bottles that get corked and tossed into the sea. It wouldn’t be enough to stand on the shore of tropical paradise and watch my words drift into the abyss rather than into the hearts of others. I need people. I need readers. I need an audience (obviously, I host a blog.) Sometimes I want people around, I just don’t like it when they’re insincere, ignorant, aggressive, or childish but who would enjoy people like that? The rain pours as it pleases. All I can do is pull a ‘90s era Michael Jackson and find an umbrella to take refuge under. The downpour has to end sometime. The storm even subsided for Noah on day forty-one. I can take cover for now, anyone have an ark that I can board?

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