I think when you try to extrapolate all that you think, and all that you are it can sometimes get a little messier than it ever was in the first place, before you ever let the things that you feel escape your lips.  I think that there is  power in speech  and I also believe […]

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Just can’t move 

I’ve thought about it a great deal, this book of mine.  Perhaps that’s been  the problem all along.  Too much thinking. My first book was just writing. Writing and more writing. Non-stop words. Then rewriting when everything got deleted. This new one I have is jammed in the gears of my brain, currently under stifled […]

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My Sweetest Friend

He hears the things I don’t even say, he knows if I’m breathing in a different way. He stands still and watches quietly and I know  enough about him to know he’s not just there idly.  He’s waiting patiently.  Observing whether or not I need his rescuing. That’s what I like about this one, among […]

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Made of Stones

There was a woman and  she was young and  she was pretty,  but no one  ever told her that.  She really was not sure  of anything. What to do-or what not to-she lived in a glass house  and in the glass house she was told not to make too much noise.  They said  she could […]

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I used to hate photos.  I used to see haunting reminders, hanging  on my walls, tauntingly. Snap shots of moments that have come and gone, lingering there in the picture frame for me to see  everyday. I used to hate that. I used to  curse that. Yet I could never really get rid of  the […]

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Girl in a bar

This is a story about a girl who fell in love with a man she didn’t know. In the bar, in a chair behind her and then everywhere. Arms and shoulders and scent, intoxicating. Swallowed in the embrace of a man, head resting on the back of hers. So random, so right. No sight, just […]

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