Full of It

Emotional Focus I watched this movie awhile ago that wasn’t that good so I won’t list the name but in it was a very great line that went something like this; if you can take the focus you can take whatever you want. Lately I’ve been off balance, no that is not a Cerebral Palsy […]

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Marry Me Later

Writers are often inspired by other writers, or at least other written things. If that’s not the case it’s probably because jealousy got in the way and that competitive drive kicked in. Nevertheless, words are perhaps the most beautiful tool out there for someone to make a point. Of course, not everyone is an ink-in-the-veins […]

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I do, do you?

There’s a significant difference between what it means to “hold fast” and being in handcuffs. They’re both a tie, they both maintain a connection to something or someone else. The first is based on loyalty and what is good, whereas handcuffs are forced and resemble slavery. Ties can be made of steadfast hope like the […]

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