Nice to meet you

You are the joy in my laughter. 
You are the peace in my heart. 
You are the safety in my home, 
the crescendo in my song, 
and the lyrics in my chest.
You are the serenity in my stare and the spark in my smile. 
You are the fingers in my palm, 
the caffeine in my coffee and the warmth in my bed.
You are the sun on my skin,
the hope in my head and the purpose in my passion. 
You are the eyelash in my eye. 
You are the punch in my gut, 
the boil in my blood 
and the race my pulse.
You are the bruise on my knee, 
the cut on my brow and the bite through my lip.
You are the rage in my anger. 
You are the lies in my mind. 
You are the scrape in my mouth, the snake around my throat and the poison in my spit.
You are the smoke in my lungs.
You are the fire in my Hell. 
You are the trigger on my gun. 
You are the nightmare in my dream.
You are the whore in my fidelity, 
the dishonor in my loyalty
and the shackles of my slavery. 
You are the rip in my sutures,
the break in my bones and 
the hate in my love.
You are the the snap of my neck. 

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