Be honest.
We say we want it, but do we really?
The truth, is that what we 
want to hear?
I think we just want 
the lies we tell ourselves 
to come true.
We don’t want the hard truth because it’s cold and sharp and it wakes us up.
We want the sexy lies to be 
who we are but 
that’s just not true.
So be honest,
start with you.
Don’t hide from your reflection anymore. 
Tell the truth. 
Bite the bullet. 
Be honest.
We are what we think, 
we are what we portray, 
we are what others say; those are the masks.
Now take them off and reveal 
your face.
You don’t work hard and 
you’ve never really worked.
You are funny, lazy, and stubborn.
You are a dreamer who despises the doing of the thing.
You’ve grown older but 
you haven’t grown up.
You have never been in love and it’s a possibility that you never will be.
You are 
bitter and emotional.
Yes, you do weep.
You’re heart is not stone.
It aches about once a week.
You like attention but not 
the kind you get.
You cannot walk the line.
Yes, it’s very possible 
you never will.
You’ve never fucked anyone 
but yourself. 
Having kids is but a dream.
At some point you lost yourself and you’ve been trying to go back ever since, even though, 
you know that you can’t.
No, the past cannot be repeated.
It’s okay. Gatsby thought so, too.
You are in love with sleep and enslaved to coffee and all the wrong foods.
You have so much potential and
you are wasting it, 
Yes, you should be doing something more than nothing
No, you cannot work any job.
Yes, you can be a successful writer.
You are an eagle who is still learning to fly.
You find purpose in leadership and lifting others, your downfall is apathy and negativity.
You see vividly, in between the layers of imagery 
and observe carefully.
Stay focused. 
Find purpose. 
Embrace it.
All you need is faith and discipline and
faith in the discipline.
Don’t think like a soldier
if you won’t act like one.
The advice you give makes you
a hypocrite.
Learn from your own words.
You need to be patient,
you need to keep your peace and you need to forgive yourself.
You should play to your strengths-all of them.
Your soul is righteous,
you are close to God because that’s where you want to be.
You could run the world but instead you sleep.
Be honest.

10 thoughts on “Veritas?

  1. Wow, if you are targeting yourself here, you’re a bit harsh on yourself I think.

    Certainly you have positive qualities that you can also write about?

    Or am I being all wet?

    1. Great question! Honestly, none of it. Although, I am proud of finishing my first novel. As a person and a writer I’m constantly evolving and trying to top the last thing I did, read Bonne Merde and you’ll get a better idea of how I process.

      1. Bonnie Merde it is. I understand about the internal feeling about what you’ve done. I’ve written two books, neither of them I would consider anything except a large amount of organized words. lol

  2. Please pardon, its still early and Ive only 1 cup of coffee in. Bonne Merde was written as Bonnie, til I reread it lol Im not that big of a lunkhead lol.

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