I’m not sure if I’m
 supposed to be 
in a gaggle or a herd, though I do know I’d run far and fast from being in a school. 
I may be better off as a lone wolf but I wonder if that’s even 
a real thing because I’ve only 
ever seen those beautiful 
canines in packs.
Eagles fly alone but they can’t always be because then there would be no more brave birds cascading through storms like it’s their favorite past time.
Maybe it’s just past my time and 
I did find paw prints that matched mine but those lions have moved on due to my pride. 
Whatever the why, I’m alone now and I don’t know what group 
I belong to. 
It feels so darkly so that I’d be happy to be part of a murder and crash with crows.

I want to start a fire. 
I want to rake the sticks and 
smack the stones, even if they are the same ones that 
broke my bones. 
The message I wrote has floated away into the waves and 
no one will ever pop the cork and unfurl the paper caressing 
my last words. 
My soul is saved but I’m sending out an SOS because I cannot sail 
all of the sea alone. 
I am not as arrogant as Invictus, 
I know I am not the master nor the captain, because when I take control all that awaits is shipwreck. 
I do not want to sink but the sea is strong and it terrifies me.
The wind is screaming. The sun scorches my sensitive skin.
The nights are darker than my worst dreams. 
Help me, help me, help me.  
If this is how things will be at least let me be covered 
with broad, white wings. 
Let me see the swallows, 
shift me to the shore. 
God help me not be 
alone anymore.
I need to be on the sand and make something burn as hot as I do internally. 
Rage and pain. Fire and brimstone.
Capture this castaway.
I want to build a tepee. 
Light the fire, let it shine,
how else 
will I find my tribe?

4 thoughts on “Tepee

  1. A wounded heart is a sad thing to behold. They are almost impossible for someone on the outside to hold or to care for, or to even fully understand. A lot of people will say ‘I understand’, but most really don’t. Im sorry for your hurt heart, I wish I could take it away, but alas my own heart is hurt and is wounded like yours, and I don’t have the cure.

    Hugs to you Genevieve

      1. Happy Post Easter Genevieve!

        How awesome is it that the God of the Universe, did what He did to make path for me and you? Words cannot adequately explain can it?

        I started my new tattoo on Saturday. Its a half sleeve centered around Joshua 1:9 and a Templar Knight. Looks like this is going to be a three visit proposition. For whatever reason I find that all of my body art is centered on a Christ theme. Its the least I can do for Him.

        Gen, I belong to a special group (https://www.chumplady.com/) On the forums we say that we are the group that NO ONE wants to join. We are Chumps, and our sin is that we have been cheated on and our lives destroyed by it. It is thru Christ that He works the wounded hearts and torn lives.

        If you know anyone that is going thru this or has gone thru, please send them our way, There is healing, I promise.

        Anyways, have a great week. May the Lord bless your steps this week, may He give you the words you seek, and the love you deserve.

      2. Very nice! Thank you, you too!!Yes I don’t think I will ever stop marveling at the empty tomb. I’m glad you know there is healing and that you’re ready and willing to help others find it too. Enjoy your new ink.

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