Confessions of a Great big Heart

There comes a time where we choose.

We can think, we can dream and we can plan.

We can say ‘when’ we can say ‘if’ we can even declare

I. Would. Never.

Then it happens

and we have to choose.

We’re stopped, stuck, stalled.

Waiting to move but can’t. Muscles clenched. Eyes wide open.

Staring at death in the street. Death.

How did this happen?

Why did this have to happen?

Sun fades from the day sky.

Everything feels dark now.

Death will do that, take the light.

Crumpled in the street.

I’m looking to see if what was once alive is looking at me but I cannot see eyes and now mine are welling with water.

That was a living thing. That was somebody’s somebody.

Reduced to nothing in the middle of intersection.


Why did this have to happen?

This love loss. This loss of life. Why?

What about the family

that will be awaiting an arrival that won’t ever come because it’s all over now, so suddenly.

I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for the death and the life that was lost.

I’m sorry that the cars have not stopped and I am sorry that I will have to go soon, too.

Wind erupts and I watch you move with it and then I realize it was just a piece of paper.

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