Scream of Silence

I never thought it possible to miss a thing you’ve never had.  Then it got quiet enough, actual quiet, silence not even blocked by white noise.  The only interruption being  a ticking clock. In the stillness I realized it is a reality, to be able to miss something you’ve never once had. What we truly […]

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Just can’t move 

I’ve thought about it a great deal, this book of mine.  Perhaps that’s been  the problem all along.  Too much thinking. My first book was just writing. Writing and more writing. Non-stop words. Then rewriting when everything got deleted. This new one I have is jammed in the gears of my brain, currently under stifled […]

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You know I’ve been thinking, if someone stabs you  in the back it’s better than if they got you on the other side.  At least if you get stabbed  in the back it probably won’t reach your heart.  It does in fact feel that way though, the betrayal of a friend, like a slice through […]

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Man Up

When you know what you bring to the table, there is nothing bothersome about eating alone.

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You’re So pretty

So I go to this gym and at this gym I go to there’s a lot of people, mostly younger people and it seems that whenever I go day or night late or early, the young people are there. I’d say the majority age-range is teenager to twenty-something. I’m not writing this to make the […]

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