You know I’ve been thinking, if someone stabs you 
in the back
it’s better than if they got you on the other side. 
At least if you get stabbed 
in the back it probably won’t reach your heart. 

It does in fact feel that way though, the betrayal of a friend, like a slice through the aorta, but really they just got you when you weren’t looking.

It teaches us
to be more alert, more careful, more concerned with who we show vulnerability too.
Hopefully we don’t
become to blocked up.
Nothing but walls around us all stacked for miles and miles
toward the sky thinking; I’m safe here.
When really, constructing such a dense blockade will leave us
in a place that no light can get to.
Stuck in a dark hole
that we ourselves made.
Should you
get stabbed more than once but
far less than Caesar, just remember, you hold a dagger too and if they get you well, it was only from behind.
Yes it hurts and yes you will be fine because the blade didn’t touch what matters most.

When you get stabbed in the back rejoice in the fact
that you were not wounded
in a crucial part,
be thankful
the knife didn’t go in your heart.

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