Fit in the Fitness

I think I’ve been improperly numbering these posts, it’s been one per day since January 1st, 2020. I’m not great with numbers. Thankfully, this is a blog and words are my gift. After doing Crossfit for a couple of years, I have some favorite movements, deadlifts and power cleans. I also love a WOD that can be done at home, if for some reason you don’t want to leave the house and would prefer to lift in your pajamas. What matters most is fitting in the fitness. It doesn’t have to be Crossfit. Twenty minutes of movement, the higher the intensity the better. Here are a couple of workouts that I think are worthy of trying out:

Equipment needed: dumbells, bike, bar (optional). Toes-to-bar can be done from the floor.

Strength is optional.

Equipment needed: kettlebell(s), wallball, box.

Equipment needed: kettlebell

Equipment needed: none

Let me know your times! Which one was your favorite?

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